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April 17, 2024

Bulk excavation is underway!

Bulk excavation is underway!

The Edge team is pleased to report that the construction of Broadway on the Bay is advancing smoothly. The foundational groundwork, including piling and capping beams, has been completed, and the excavation of the basement is proceeding on schedule. By the end of April, preparations for the crane base will be in place, setting the stage for the erection of the above-ground crane structure in early May.

With the in-ground works almost complete, the next key milestone will be the completion of the concrete structure, which is on schedule for November this year.

We're thrilled with the progress we're making on-site during these early stages and look forward to the continued progress over the coming months.

As the only absolute riverfront residences currently under construction in the area, interest is high for all floorplans and 55 per cent of apartments have already sold, including sub-penthouses and penthouses of which only two and one respectively remain.

Edge has a proven track record of meeting local downsizer demands and exceeding their expectations of a smooth, seamless transition into a premium resort lifestyle. We are thrilled to have Edge Construction deliver quality, service, and attention to detail, which will complement the services provided by our existing in-house design team at Hillam Architects.